Air/water heat pumps with liquid injection scroll compressor for the production of hot water up to 65°C.



H: Heat pumps
SL: Acoustic version
B1: Hydraulic versions without water tank
SB: Hydraulic versions with water tank
Increased operating limits
DOMINO EXR units are characterized by an extended operating map and are able to reach high outlet water temperatures even at very low outdoor temperature ensuring the use of radiant elements even with winter temperatures down to -20°C.
– The DOMINO EXR units are designed in compliance with the new Directive ErP 2009/125 / EC (in force in the European Union from 26th of September 2015), relating to all products intended for heating and domestic hot water production.
– Digital Defrost is a digital self-adaptive defrosting system able to prevent the production of frost that works only in case of effective presence of frost on the coils’ fins.
– The DYNAMIC LOGIC CONTROL manages the differential of the inlet water temperature in accordance to the speed variation. Thanks to the DLC the number of the compressors’ start decreases ensuring economic and energetic savings.
– The function DYNAMIC SET POINT allows to change simultaneously the set point to achieve always the conditions of best comfort and, above all, the maximum energy saving.
– The HYDROPHIL surface treatment of coil fins improves the capacity of the condenser water drainage, allowing to reach high energy efficiency even with low outdoor air temperature (OPTIONAL).

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