High efficiency air/water heat pump with axial fans and INVERTER scroll compressor.



H: Heat pump
SL: Acoustic version
B/M/A: Hydraulic kit including n. 1 or 2 pumps, available head pressure low (150 kPa), medium (250 kPa), high (450 kPa).
INVERTER technology: maximum efficiency at partial loads
The use of inverter compressors permit to optimize performances according to the real request of the plant, ensuring the maximum efficiency at partial loads.
– The I-RACH units are designed in compliance with the new Directive ErP 2009/125 / EC, relating to all products intended
for heating and domestic hot water production.
– The use of inverter allows the unit to partialize the total power down to 15%.
– The use of inverter compressors reduces the inrush current to avoid the need of soft starter devices, avoiding the use of additional components for power factor correction.
– ESEER values are up to 30% higher than on-off  compressor units and MOER values are up to 14% higher.
– Sound level highly reduced with  partial loads
– Digital Defrost is a digital self-adaptive defrosting system able to prevent the production of frost that works only in case of effective presence of frost on the coils’ fins.
– The function DYNAMIC SET POINT allows to change simultaneously the set point to achieve always the conditions of best comfort and, above all, the maximum energy saving.

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